Brand Identity Design               Porto Velho, Brazil                2022

Each project is unique
Built with love, would you come in?

Ateliê das Casas is a Brazilian Architecture and Construction company based in the city of Porto Velho, which has the mission to design and construct family houses in a modern style that cares for cosiness. Ateliê das Casas works with timeless materials to build houses that will guard everlasting memories. Love lives inside the walls.

Each project is designed with specific care, reflecting the character of Ateliê das Casas' owner.

The result was a mark with type variations working to transmit the character of the brand - each project is unique - as the number in front of houses, which it always have a different design reflecting the personality of the owner. The concept was also inspired by tiles, which are used as canvas to tell stories since many centuries ago.

The visual system was created to touch two extremes: organicity and precision, a balance that explains the work of Ateliê das Casas, and this is the positioning that sets Ateliê apart from traditional construction companies.

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