Brand Identity Design               São Paulo, Brazil                2022

We are LIVE
The streaming has started

FEEED is an influencer's agency focused on providing streamers the best structure to grow a solid career.

“We are passionate about bringing people all together in one place: in the feed. In this digital era everything is always unfinished - meaning that the fast pace makes most content seem empty - and this is what we battle. How? Acknowledging the responsibility over people's attention online and looking at it in a different way: What is our challenge is also an opportunity for new discoveries, ideas and possibilities. Our mission is that people live a life without having to give up on doing what they love and impacting positively the lives of their audience.

At each scroll and each feed update we find people we care and would love to work with - as we are fans of collaboration and co-creation - because nothing great is ever done alone. We know what to do to get to your feed.


Thank you,
see you on your feed.

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